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Apron Towel

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A unique baby towel making bath time easier for parents and safer for babies.

If your babies are anything like mine, getting them in the bath was the easy part, but taking them out after wasn't so easy! I found myself trying to hold a towel under my chin or sometimes in my teeth while I juggled an upset slippery wet baby. The end result was that I often ended up just as wet as they were.

The Solution: Pouchi

Unlike other apron towels, it is the only baby towel to incorporate a pouch, making it safer and warmer for baby and easy and stress free for mum and dad. With both hands lift your little one out of the bath and simply place them into the hooded pouch and enjoy bonding with your dry happy baby.

Pouchi is made of 100% super soft cotton. It is highly absorbent and quick drying. Pouchi is available in one size, as it is fully adjustable to fit mums and dads of all shapes and sizes. The Pouchi is suitable from birth (including babies with low birth weight) and its ingenious design, allows Pouchi to grow with your baby.

Pouchi comes in a lovely white and beige colour, making it completely unisex for your little boy or girl. Pouchi makes a great gift too so why not order one for your next baby shower, or as a lovely gift for your family, friends or colleagues!

WARNING: Not to be used as a baby carrier. Your baby must always be fully supported when placed in the pouch.

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How to use your Pouchi


Before you wear your Pouchi for the first time, simply adjust the Pouch to the size that best fits your baby. Your Pouchi can be adjusted to 4 different lengths and so will continue to grow as your baby grows!


Place the pouch over your head.


Adjust the side fastenings to suit your body frame.

Undo the button to open your pouch ready to place your baby inside.


With both hands carefully lift your baby out of the bath and place baby snugly inside the Pouchi. Cover your baby's head with the hood to keep them extra cosy! Fasten the button to close the pouch and enjoy nice dry cuddles with a happy dry baby!

Parent Testimonials

"Was given a Pouchi as a gift at my baby shower and absolutely love it. Highly recommend as a must for all parents." - Anita, Middlesex

"I was really surprised at how useful Pouchi is. It's made a real difference to bath time with my son and I love how soft it is." - Sam, Birmingham

"As a first time parent, I had no experience bathing a baby. I didn't have a lot of confidence when using a regular towel and I would always want my husband to help when I took our daughter out of the bath. Since getting Pouchi, bath time has become much easier and I feel confident bathing my daughter alone." - Rachel, Surrey